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Home >> Previous Page >> who we are was founded by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues, b. 1952, a management and technology journalist and editor based in Lisbon, Portugal. Through the last 15 years, Jorge has interviewed «live» more than 100 gurus of management and technology all over the world and since 1996 he and his step-son Alexandre Leiria began to edit in the Web a site in portuguese where he listed the complete data base with those interviews. The interviews added ilustrations done by Paulo Buchinho, a partner of will edit in english all the 100 interviews already done in portuguese and will add monthly new ones. Two other portuguese journalists, Ruben Eiras and Alexandre Coutinho, join the project and will begin to publish their interviews also. developed a partnership with SunTopMedia in UK, leaded by Stuart Crainer, a well known business and management editor and journalist. Also linked with Jala Inc in Los Angeles leaded by Jack Nilles. has mirrors in portuguese based in Lisbon and spanish based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All the interviews were translated from the portuguese by Géraldine Correia, Catarina Ferrer (Lisbon Bureau) and desked by Catarina Nascimento Rodrigues, a partner of will develop in 2003 a strategy for Asia based in Macao, with our co-editor for the region, Maria João Gregório.

Jorge dedicated this project to his father who died in 1999 at the age of 89.

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