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The Authoritarian Challenge in the new context of Great Power Politics
New Trends in Geopolitics of the XXIst Century - A conversation with Azar Gat.


The Poisoned Heritage of Alan Greenspan's FED Kingdom
A conversation with Martin Hutchinson about the ongoing crisis in the United States.


About Smart, Soft and Hard Power
a conversation with Harvard academic Joseph Nye about his forthcoming book (Feb. 2008).


Russia and China, the (re)emergent great powers and the impact in the world system
A conversation with Dylan Kissane, author of «2015 and the Rise of China».


The two oldest Matrixes of World Discoveries - Portuguese and Chinese Historical linkage
Portuguese and Chinese Histories have a profound historical linkage – the globalization path in its birth period.


Three looks over India
A Visit to the Hi Tec in Mumbai and Hyderabad.


China and the New World Order: How Entrepreneurship, Globalization, and Borderless Business are Reshaping China and the World (Book Excerpts)
(George) Zhibin Gu, our columnist based in Shenzhen, just published a new book in the US, about China's emergence and challenges. You can read an excerpt here.


The story of the Number One Biotech Asian Woman Entrepreneur
«Biocon's Billion dollar market capitalization is an important milestone for Indian Biotechnology as it demonstrates the power of intellectual value. Our biggest achievement was gaining global recognition for the Indian Biotech sector through our very successful IPO.», says Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, 53


Janice Fraser, the Queen of Web 2.0
«While most folks were feeling glum, other folks were inventing new things (and at much lower cost). Eventually, those little start-ups - blogger, delicious, upcoming, flickr - began to catch the attention of the Silicon Valley, and the money began to flow. An upturn was inevitable»


John Naisbitt
Mr. Megatrends re-set pictures of the global economy and the tech revolution.


The Enzyme Magician
Genzyme strategy by its creator: Henri Termeer, CEO and President. A new story for Generation 21.


The Death of the Devil's Advocate at the Hands of IDEO ideologist
A review of Tom Kelley's most recent book «The 10 Faces of Innovation». IDEO is the best design thinking company of America, born in Silicon Valley.


The Yangtze Crocodile
A Generation 21 case study from China. The tale of Ali Baba in China's New Economy. An interview with Ma Yun (Jack Ma), Founder, CEO and Chairman of Alibaba.


Zhibin Gu new book in English
A presentation of China’s Global Reach Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization by Ronald Hilton, a Fellow of Hoover Institute at Stanford University and Chairman of World Association of International Studies.


Peter Drucker passed away on November 11, 2005; he was 95 years old. Known as the Father of Management was the most important guru that our site interviewed at his home in Claremont in 2001. Interview with Drucker.


Vinton Cerf, the «Father of the Internet», joins Google
In this new interview, Vint forecasts the future of Internet and his role in the meteoric Mountain View seven-year-old company.


China's competitiveness in a strong-yuan world
China's surprise July 21 revaluation of the yuan will probably prove to be the most important business story of 2005. As a result, both inside and outside of China, there has been a great deal of commentary on how different sectors of China's economy stand to gain, or lose, from the policy change.


China's Global Reach: Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization (Book Excerpt)
Today China is the biggest new frontier for international companies. In many ways, the Chinese market has a more international flavor than many other markets around the globe. Many unique characteristics have evolved along the way. Countless international businesspeople are singing their favorite songs and doing their traditional dances-all in one theater. So far, some have danced better than others.


Proxpro - business and professional matchmaking with an SMS
Interview with Julian Bourne, the British Founder and CEO of the Boston start-up leader in fast mobile executive search.


Skyhook Wireless - the first urban Wi-Fi positioning system
An excellent help for the nomad professional, the logistics manager, the policeman and even the trendy Starbucks coffee addicted. An interview with Ted Morgan the CEO and founder of Skyhook Wireless . After two years of development, since the foundation of Quaterscope (the former brand) in 2003 in Boston, Ted Morgan and his team just announced in the US the launching of the first urban Wi-Fi positioning system, renamed WPS


Lessons of China's Stock Market
On the morning of May 9, the employees of a leading Chinese investment brokerage in Guangdong returning from the nine-day Labor Holiday were surprised by an unusual memo from company management. They were told that tough days were ahead following the government's announcement that formerly non-tradable shares in Chinese companies would be allowed to float freely soon. The managers predicted that the Shanghai stock index could fall another 15-20%, to the 900-1,000 level perhaps, as a result of the reform measure.


Economics new buzzword
Oligonony concept explained by Steve Hannaford, the «watchdog» of the oligopolies and oligosponies.


The crown jewel buys the crowns
Rising India in the geo-economy of the 21st Century.


Federation: The Best Choice for Taiwan & Mainland China
The realities between Taiwan and mainland China are "economically hot, politically cold". Their ever-increasing economic ties demand far better political relations. One highly feasible resolution is a "federation". Would it work? The answer: economically, the time is right; politically, it is only few steps away.


The college grad with a «stream» dream
The history of Streamload, the start up founded by the college grad Steve Iverson in his apartment in 1998.


The Final assault
The new wave of Asian multinationals. Review of the book Global Future. Interview with Frank-Jurgen Richter.


Biotech: India's Next Sunrise Sector
InnovAsia Analysts Tina Wu and Kavitha Hariharan analyse a new growth point for Indian economy: biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.


The Road to 60 dollars a barrel - In the eve of a radical societal change
Dr. Ali Bakhtiari, Iranian oil analyst: «The upward trend in the oil price can’t be reversed. We could very easily see prices above 60$ a barrel this coming winter. The large majority of global public opinion has not yet realized the critical importance of crude oil – but they all will do after the oil peak».


Skype, the VoIP leader, was just awarded with the General Overall Winner Award of the Tornado Insider 2004 TOP 100 hi-tec startups. Interview with founder Niklas Zennstrom.


The flash movie that shocked America
The New York Times has become a print newsletter for the elite and the elderly. 8 minutes about the end of the news media as we knew it in the 20 Century. An interview with Robin Sloan, the author.


India’s Emergence as a Global R&D Hub - a new special Transition Report
2 interviews that can change your mind about the next R&D global powerhouse WITH R.A.Mashelkar, general director of CSIR of India and Ashish Arora, professor at Carnegie Melon (USA).


India and China: Fruitful Partnerships and Bound to Grow, by George Zhibin Gu
Mutual benefits are plenty. So far, India has built up a world class IT army, while China has created a fast expanding manufacturing force. Their strengths are complimentary to each other in numerous ways. If they team together in a more productive way, then one plus one is greater than two. Similar things can also include more nations, especially in the developing world.


Intellectual Capital of Nations
The new approach for the competitiveness performance. An Index for Europe created by Ahmed Bounfour, a french researcher, based on a set of 23 metrics.


«The China Factor and the Overstretch of the US Hegemony», just published the 3rd Transition Report
3 books that can change your mind in 2005 about the geo-politic and geo-economic dynamics going on. George Zhibin Gu, the Chinese consultant based in Shenzhen and author of the forthcoming «China’s Global Reach» (Haworth Press, US); Chalmers Johnson, president of the Japan Policy Research Institute and author of «The Sorrows of Empire» (Metropolitan Books, US); André Gunder Frank, associate of the Luxembourg Institute for Education and International Studies and author of the forthcoming «ReOrient the Nineteenth Century» (a sequel of his 1998’s «ReOrient»)


Prosumers are human media – a powerful word of mouth, the brand evangelists
by Ira Matathia, the marketing Guru, interviewd by


The Sandwiched Middle
Geoffrey Garrett: a paradoxical collateral effect of Globalization. Al least 45% of the world are “middle-income” countries in various degrees, and got sandwiched between the developed world and the big emergent countries of Asia. Globalization was not fair to them.


«The "geography" of services is linguistic and cultural»
Uday Karmarkar, from UCLA, about off-shoring strategies. «The "geography" of services is linguistic and cultural». Some segments of service jobs are at risk in all developed countries and the claims against outsourcing and off-shoring are huge in politics.


«The China Factor came to stay», Graham Birch, from Merrill Lynch
China emergence and the geo-political instability are «feeding» a positive momentum for metal and mineral commodities. Particularly gold is in a buoyant market – the 500 dollars/oz can be reached end of 2005.


Geo-Political and Geo-Economic Dialogue
"Transition Report" just published. Second edition talks about Geo-Politics with George Modelski, the guru of the long political cycles, Charles Wyplosz, proposing a G4 with China, and James Boughton, the IMF historian on the IMF 60th Anniversary.


«Think Inside the Box»
A contrarian buzzword – Don’t Be Unique, Be Simply Better. An interview with Séan Meehan, professor at IMD in Lausanne, by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues.


«Corporations compete and cooperate for power and turf like countries»
Richard D’ Aveni most recent research on strategic supremacy: “Corporations compete and cooperate for power and turf like countries”. Interviewed by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues.


«Imitating imperfectly or customizing the thing that is being imitated can be a source of creativity»
Creative copycat or imitating with errors could be an opportunity for innovation. An interview with Eric Bonabeau, the french scientist-entrepreneur, one of the world’s leading experts in complex systems and adaptive problem solving, founder of Icosystem, a start up with offices in Boston and Paris.


Sustainable Sourcing
The new buzzword for global supply chain management. A new tool for corporate social responsibility. Interview with Elliot J. Schrage, author of the most recent Report on ethical outsourcing and off-shoring for US Department of State.


A contrarian advice from Nicholas Carr in his most recent book (Does it matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage). «Focusing narrowly on "what we do best" and outsourcing the rest is a recipe for undermining strategic advantages, which are often built on complex sets of capabilities. The danger lies in rushing to become overly specialized», said Nick Carr in an interview with Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues.


Surprise is the main characteristic of innovation. Professor Jeffrey Funk studied 19 electronic industries and found that in 12 of them, the types of customers who actually purchased the new products were unexpected. Also the new technology trajectories generated also new unexpected new industries. Interviewed by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues.


Daguo Xintai - China, the New Power of the XXIst Century
INSEAD Professor, Peter Williamson, recently wrote about China Tomorrow for Harvard Business Review (October 2003 edition). In this interview for he explains the earthquake that China emergence will be for geo-economics and geo-politics. He is one of the co-authors of the Metanational Theory, with Yves Doz and the Portuguese Jose Santos, at INSEAD.


Revolution in Knowledge Management
Gilmour, CEO of Tacit Knowledge Systems, in Palo Alto, argues in the October 2003 edition of Harvard Business Review (article: "How to fix knowledge management - companies should stop trying to capture knowledge and instead help employees truly connect"), at the "Forethought" section, that the traditional KM theory and model is useless.


«Japan wants to be Number One Solutions Provider of the XXIst Century»
Japan must NOT compete for Number One in economic power or size. «We must search for a position as a solutions leader in critical areas of the future» - that's the strategic advise from a business historian professor, a Japanese "pupil" of Alfred Chandler.


The Big Clash of the XXIst Century
"Capital versus Talent - The battle that's reshaping business" is a seminal article published at Harvard Business Review (July 2003 edition), authored by Professor Roger L. Martin, dean of Joseph L. Rotman School of Management of University of Toronto, and Mihnea C. Moldoveanu, director of the Centre for Integrative Thinking at the Rotman School.


In defense of the CEO chair against the split of power in public corporations
William T. Allen "manifesto" explained in an interview at after his Opinion article in the Forethought section of Harvard Business Review, September 2003 edition (volume 81, number 9, pp.24-25).


Sam Hill, the new american guru of Marketing Trends: «We will see the industrialization of thinking»
Sam dislikes mega-trends. He prefers “smaller” trends that you can understand in practical terms and do something about as a business man or a professional. Trends or counter-trends – for each trend there’s a counter trend, remember always this warning by Sam! – are windows of opportunity for your career or for your company. Gurusonline review is most recent book 60 Trends in 60 Minutes.


The secrets of Japan's economic anorexia
An interview with Richard Katz, reviewing his recent book Japanese Phoenix: The Long Road to Economic Revival.


The Risk of an unending series of Oil Wars
Blood and Oil, the new resource wars and the US strategy: an interview with Professor Michael Klare, author of the seminal book of 2001, Resource Wars. Klare comments the present situation and talks about his forthcoming book. First interview of a series about the Pandora Oil Box.


«A Consistent Record of Strong Business Execution»
The Nokia case study. An interview with CEO Jorma Ollila and testimonies by historian Martti Haikio, author of Nokia The Inside Story (just published by Pearson in UK), and strategy professor Erkko Autio, specialist in born global internationalsation strategies. Interview and edition by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues in Espoo, Finland.


A team of researchers of INSEAD based on a study for Nokia in the 90's «discovered» a new kind of multinationals that they named «metanationals». Professor Yves Doz, a well-known professor of Global Technology and Innovation at INSEAD and Jose Pinto dos Santos, a portuguese ex-CEO of european multinationals and professor of International Management at INSEAD, co-authored with Peter Williamson, also professor at INSEAD, «From Global to Metanational»...


MICHAEL DELL, the founder and CEO of Dell Computer, comments the recent merger mania. «Nome of the past mergers created an industry leader».».
Ilustration by Paulo Buchinho


The Futurist
ALVIN TOFFLER the known «Third Wave» father talks about his future book to be published in 2002


Web Heroes
LINUS TORVALDS, now living in Silicon Valley, talks about his «passions».
Ilustration by Paulo Buchinho



«Do not imitate the british example»
Nobel laureate Robert Mundell about UK entry in the EMU.


Chandler about Strategy & Structure 40 years after
Professor Chandler, 83, living at Cambridge, Boston, 40 years after his seminal book Strategy & Structure. «Strategy continues to determine structure». «The concept of strategy does not change.


3M A Century of Innovation
3M - a Century of Innovation in June 2002. Some secrets of longevity by Inge G. Thulin, VP of 3M for EMEA. Also an essay on 3M by Peter Cohan and a tribute by historian Jim Cortada. Interview with Inge Tulin by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues.


Peter Drucker - Exclusive Interview 2001
The basic work and the foundations of management were laid by practitioners and not by academicians, repeats the most influent management writer of the last 60 years.



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