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George Zhibin Gu


IBM-Lenovo Deal in Trouble: Government VS Cross-Border Business
A new article signed by our chinese columnist exclaims: ?When can we get out the cold war mentality??, about the maneuvres from the US Administration.

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India and China: Fruitful Partnerships and Bound to Grow
Mutual benefits are plenty. So far, India has built up a world class IT army, while China has created a fast expanding manufacturing force. Their strengths are complimentary to each other in numerous ways. If they team together in a more productive way, then one plus one is greater than two. Similar things can also include more nations, especially in the developing world.

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The World Lives in the Same Boat: Great Challenges Ahead
Throughout history, unequal development has been the norm; there has never been a time when different nations did not have radically different levels of development. But the economic forces causing a convergence of development levels have never been so powerful as they are today. The countries moving ahead most quickly, including India, China, Egypt, Brazil and Russia, might be called "late developing nations". It goes without saying that the late developers face many huge challenges. But they also have advantages. Many have leapfrogged transitional stages of development by adopting more advanced technologies.

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Japan & China: What's Really at Stake?
In the past three decades, Japan and China have enjoyed ever-increasing economic ties. But their political relations have been lagging behind seriously. The ongoing political rows do cast a shadow over their economic development. So, what's really at stake?

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Federation: The Best Choice for Taiwan & Mainland China
The realities between Taiwan and mainland China are "economically hot, politically cold". Their ever-increasing economic ties demand far better political relations. One highly feasible resolution is a "federation". Would it work? The answer: economically, the time is right; politically, it is only few steps away.

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Lessons of China's Stock Market
On the morning of May 9, the employees of a leading Chinese investment brokerage in Guangdong returning from the nine-day Labor Holiday were surprised by an unusual memo from company management. They were told that tough days were ahead following the government's announcement that formerly non-tradable shares in Chinese companies would be allowed to float freely soon. The managers predicted that the Shanghai stock index could fall another 15-20%, to the 900-1,000 level perhaps, as a result of the reform measure.

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China’s Global Reach: Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization (Book Excerpt)
Today China is the biggest new frontier for international companies. In many ways, the Chinese market has a more international flavor than many other markets around the globe. Many unique characteristics have evolved along the way. Countless international businesspeople are singing their favorite songs and doing their traditional dances-all in one theater. So far, some have danced better than others.

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China's competitiveness in a strong-yuan world
China's surprise July 21 revaluation of the yuan will probably prove to be the most important business story of 2005. As a result, both inside and outside of China, there has been a great deal of commentary on how different sectors of China's economy stand to gain, or lose, from the policy change.

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Book Review: China’s Global Reach - Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization
A presentation of China’s Global Reach Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization by Ronald Hilton, a Fellow of Hoover Institute at Stanford University and Chairman of World Association of International Studies.

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China and the New World Order: How Entrepreneurship, Globalization, and Borderless Business are Reshaping China and the World (Book Excerpts)
Is a new world order in the making? The answer: yes. Up to now, only about 20% of the world's people have attained solid development, growth, and modernity. Now the rest are catching up at an unprecedented speed. This sudden surge in so many late developers suggests a brave new world in the making.

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How Should We Understand A Chinese Century?
Is a prosperous China a good news or a disaster in the making? The truth is that a rising China will benefit the entire world, not just China. "In short, 21 century belongs to the world. China can only, and deeply wish to, share its progress with the world. This makes a sharp departure from the past. Europe's previous global reach led to dozens of colonies and sufferings to countless people in the outside world. The rise of Japan and Germany led to bloody wars in the past. But a developing China offers opportunities for the world."

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The Coming Age of Chinese Multinationals
"A rising economy must create many biggest multinationals. The UK and US have done it. Japan and South Korea have repeated it. Now it is the turn for China."

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The China Factor and the Overstretch of the US Hegemony
3 books that can change your mind in 2005 about the geo-politic and geo-economic dynamics going on.

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